Pakistan launches largest nuclear power project

Appreciably enough, Pakistan is on the voyage to get through with its energy crisis and headed towards nuclear technology.


Baseless Nuclear Allegations Against Pakistan

Nuclear allegations are absolutely baseless and a continued specific propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. On every day basis world tries to involve Pakistan in  any controversy which are based on falsehood nothing else. Pakistan declared this number of times about its responsible role as an Islamic nuclear weapon state.

Pakistan’s first Cubesat satellite,iCUBE-1 launched

India Trigger NUCLEAR in South Asia: A Tale of Propaganda Building Against Pakistan

History very well reflects the present of the states. South Asia is a region which made two newly independent states India and Pakistan appeared on its map. These two born states entangled with each other through continued historic rivalries, border skirmishes, military confrontations, low intensity conflicts and primarily threat perception towards each other. But in this scenario a great part must be attributed towards ‘propaganda building against Pakistan.’ The nuclear research of enrichment had been initiated since independence under the disguise for peaceful civilian program with this standing to make best use of indigenous assets. In 1970s, ‘Atoms for Peace’ triggered the alarms of Indian nuclear ambitions in the region. This was the time which the world absolutely forgets while talking about the instruments of nuclear proliferation in south Asia. If India has the right of nuclear research likewise Pakistan has this equal right. But propaganda is majorly built against Pakistan which has no sound grounds like some body’s casual words filled the headlines against Pakistan. It is a state which has complete realization of being sole Islamic nuclear weapon state and very well aware the atrocities of nuclear weapons.    

A Fictitious Tale of Nuclear Weapons Shopping by BBC

New Mischief about Pakistan Nukes

The world is always bent to criticize about safety and security of Pakistan nuclear weapons. Although, there are continuous repeated declarations that Pakistan moves in a very cautious responsible manner as far as nuclear lines are concerned. Creating so much hue and cry on mere words despite of any factious foundations.  

Responsibilty Comes on India not Pakistan

 This is an apparent scenario of South Asian nuclear dynamics, but in depth there are certain realities which are not very famous but have a great impact. Primarily it is the historic reality between the two countries which is a basic hindrance in prevailing peace and security in the region. There is an existence of militancy but that is not only one sided, in India there are many extremist moves in which Government itself is not been able to control. Threat perception and Security Dilemma are the very culminating elements on both sides. In simple words, we can say that Pakistan needs to be motivated for peace but it’s a two way traffic. The South Asia is actually dominant by tit for tat strategy in simple manner. Both sides needs to work out equally not only putting all responsibility on Pakistan. The stimulus and triggering elements are primarily provided by India and many crisis situation like Mumbai Attacks are been crafted by India itself as it is revealed now. Both knows the horrors of nuclear and can called this blessing in disguise if we take the geographical proximity as a big prohibition for going nuclear. Lightly speaking, how a big India which has huge defense is so under influenced from Pakistan.