Prospective NSG member India involved Illegal Nuclear Trade

Posted: October 3, 2013 in International Relations

Prospective NSG member India involved Illegal Nuclear Trade

This is a crucial revelation at this critical time as we have just few days back signed a long halted nuclear deal with US. With the word nuclear only horrors can be imagined. There are number of accords and treaties to stop the nuclear proliferation but nothing valuable has been achieved till now. It’s an ever continued concerned debate to protect the nuclear related equipment, materials and of course skills in shape of scientists. But it is evident we are far less successful to stop the illegal nuclear trade. A new country India has also added on this umbrella of illegal nuclear trade. Despite of stopping the illegal accession of nuclear, we are far less speedy in illegal acquisition of nuclear assets. We are just making the world more vulnerable and dangerous by adding up the nuclear stockpiles. But only one important thing needs to accept that every state used the instrument of nuclear black market in order to achieve ambitions. States have been accused number of times but it is actually the vast network of global nuclear black market. Because of our state’s expansionist ambitions, this nuclear illegal trade has been labeled to India.     


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