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US needs Pakistan for the sake of US National Security


Only Talks for Global Disarmament??

We only use the words of global disarmament but Western actions totally tell the opposite story.

US Nuclear Deal with Vietnam: Where Nuclear Disarmament

Kashmir Dispute vis a vis Nuclear Flashpoint: Myth or Reality.

Kashmir Dispute vis a vis Nuclear Flashpoint: Myth or Reality


If Kashmir is really a nuclear flash point than the world and its major contenders should resolve this as soon as possible. Is it a myth or reality? Continued bloodshed and violation of human rights and the world is a spectator. Afraid of nuclear exchange but seemed to be ease with violent cruelties.


Pakistan’s Nukes are safe&sound.

Pakistan’s Nukes are safe&sound

The Government of Pakistan declared this countless times that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are safe and secure. Pakistan goes for every measure to make its nukes as much secure as possible. This is not the first time that international community has concerns despite of continued declarations. Despite the world needs to realize that big powers have dubious roles regarding arms control and disarmament. On one side they support disarmament and on other side they conduct new tests on very frequent basis.